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Guidelines for DZone Articles

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Guidelines for DZone Articles

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The following are guidelines for if you're considering posting articles on DZone, put together in consultation with various people including Rick and Matt. It is a "living" document.

Can you give me some guidelines for the subject matter that should be covered here?

  • No marketing material. In other words, if a non-technical marketing person would be interested in reading what you're writing, you shouldn't be writing it for DZone.
  • The article shouldn't be a mere pointer to another article. It should have unique content of its own.
  • Technical articles are preferred. If you can get some code snippets into your story, somehow, that's better than no code snippet at all.

What about some general style guidelines?

  • Titles should be capitalized, like this: My Very Interesting Story
  • It is important that the first few sentences of anything you write is very descriptive of the content of the rest of whatever it is. This is because the first few sentences are used as the "teaser", that is, the sentences on the zone index that provide a high level description of the rest of the content.
  • Try and keep the formatting simple. For example, no numbered lists within other numbered lists.
  • At least one pic. But not too many pics either, unless having them is very functional to the content. After you have two or three pics, ask yourself if more are really needed. They might be, but if they're pretty obvious and don't really add something to the story, consider excluding them.
  • If you're interviewing someone, you need to include a pic of the interviewee.
  • Pics shouldn't be massive (aim for 600 pixels). If a picture is the first thing in your content, it needs to be 525 pixels or less and left aligned.

Frequently asked questions:

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