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GWT Designer Now Supports GWT 2.0

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GWT Designer Now Supports GWT 2.0

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GWT Designer v7.3, Instantiations' popular graphical user interface (GUI) building product, stays in sync with the major new release of the open source Google Web Toolkit (GWT) version 2.0, adding support for the new GWT 2.0 Development Mode, Layout Panels, Widgets and more.  This new release of GWT Designer supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. 


GWT Designer is the leading GUI building Eclipse plug-in for GWT and has become the defacto standard since its launch in late 2006. Based on Instantiations’ award-winning WindowBuilder product, named Best Commercial Eclipse-Based Developer Tool of 2009 by the Eclipse Foundation, GWT Designer allows developers to focus on creating rich Internet applications without worrying about the complexities of Ajax coding. It supports features such as drag-and-drop visual design and bi-directional code generation, and provides several useful wizards that help make GWT development easier.


“I have yet to see another tool in this space that allows you to craft a front-end as efficiently as GWT Designer, especially the way they stay on top of the latest GWT releases,” said David H. McCoy, Senior Software Engineer of Navius Technologies and GWT Designer customer. “GWT Designer was instrumental in creating the front-end for my last GWT-based project, and the customers loved it. Having used HTML and a pure JavaScript front-end, I am more convinced than ever with what GWT, teamed with GWT Designer can accomplish. It makes HTML mark-up a thing of the past.”


“GWT development continues at a rapid pace largely due to Google’s continued evolution of the framework, the rich set of third-party component libraries and of course value-add tools like GWT Designer,” said Eric Clayberg, senior vice president of product development, co-founder of Instantiations, Inc. and author of the Eclipse Plug-ins book. “GWT Designer’s continued popularity is based on the fact that we keep pace with the industry and continually respond to our customers’ needs.”


GWT Designer 7.3 Features

GWT Designer uses wizards, WYSIWYG builders and code generation to help developers rapidly create GUIs in Eclipse and Java before deploying them as Ajax applications. 


GWT Designer 7.3 includes the following new features and enhancements:


  • GWT 2.0 Development Mode Support – provides the ability to debug your project with the browser of your choice. Includes multi-browser debugging, allowing you connect to multiple browsers in a single debugging session and network support, plus a view to embed development mode logging messages directly into an Eclipse view.
  • Layout Panels - Employ all new GWT 2.0 Layout Panel types. Layout Panels offer a predictable, constraint-based layout system on top of standard CSS to help you reliably create a desired layout.
  • Widgets - Enjoy greater design flexibility with support for all new GWT 2.0 in-line widgets (Label, HTML and Hyperlink).
  • Enhanced Ext GWT (GXT) Support – Utilize added support for GXT 2.1 and un-typed GXT events.


Pricing and Availability

GWT Designer is available through a subscription of $79 for one year, $129 for 2-years, $179 for 3-years, or a perpetual license is $169 with one year of support, or it can be purchased as part of the WindowBuilder Pro product family. Current up-to-date subscription holders of GWT Designer can upgrade to new versions at no cost as part of their annual license. A two-week trial is available at http://www.instantiations.com/gwtdesigner/download-trial.html. 


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