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hack.summit() - Great Success!

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hack.summit() - Great Success!

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I'm writing this as hack.summit() winds down, and I think all involved would agree that it was a rousing success. Here are a couple of the highlights from day 4:

Trisha Gee

Trisha Gee (of MongoDB fame) had a fantastic talk that truly delivered on the don't dumb it down theme of the conference. It was a full on deep dive tutorial on using AngularJS and MongoDB together for a Java application.  I've personally dubbed this the JAM stack (I hope MongoDB marketing is listening. Your new slogan needs to be "That's my JAM!").

David Heinemeier Hansson

The day kicked off with a bang by having the creator of Ruby on Rails and CTO of Basecamp, David Heinemeier Hansson. This talk, a "fireside chat," sticks to the advice-level conversation and mainly consists of organizer Ed Roman asking interesting questions. One of the key themes was to give your open source projects the same level of agile processes that you would for your regular work projects. Get inspired and watch below.

The success of hack.summit() has been unparalleled. There's been no conference of its kind, so there's really no comparison, but considering how large and far-reaching the audience was, and the combined knowledge of all of the speakers, hack.summit() is undoubtably here to stay.

The best part of the convention for me was being able to view it on my own time. There were some speakers I wanted to see in real time so I could contribute thoughts to the discussion, but the ability to go back and watch at my convenience is something other conventions just can't offer.

What did you think? Were you interested in the panelists? Do you think the future of conventions lies on the web? Tell us your thoughts.

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