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hack.summit() On Pace To Be Largest Developer Conference Ever

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hack.summit() On Pace To Be Largest Developer Conference Ever

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I just wanted to let everyone know about this great virtual developer conferencing coming up called hack.summit(). Most of us in the tech community are used to attending a certain number of conferences a year—and certainly we can admit it's not always easy to drop everyone we're doing to jet to Silicon Valley. For one, the costs of attending the big conferences can be overwhelming, and your company (if you have one willing to pay your way) may not always be looking for that price tag. hack.summit() is fairly unique in that sense, in that it's a developer conference that is 100% virtual, with the price of admission being (essentially) a donation to the nonprofit coding charities that the conference is meant to support. You don't even have to make a donation--you can also choose to provide support for the conference on Twitter to "pay your way."

And for a conference that's built entirely on a virtual infrastructure and meant to serve non-profits, their list of speakers is truly, totally amazing. It's a list of people you could never get together in one conference hall otherwise--and it really points to the ability of a virtual conference to pull in big names that provide enormous value to developers. There's even an opportunity to do a Q&A with some of the biggest names in the developer world.

I've included the list of speakers for those who are interested--and trust me, you'll be impressed.


  1. ­Tom Chi (co­creator Google Glass)
  2. Grady Booch (creator the Unified Modeling Language)
  3. David Heinemeier Hansson (inventor of Ruby on Rails)
  4. Brian Fox (invented the GNU Bash shell)
  5. Hakon Wium Lie (inventor of CSS)
  6. Qi Lu (Executive Vice President, Microsoft)
  7. Bram Cohen (inventor of Bittorrent)
  8. Alex Gaynor (Director, Python Software Foundation, and core committer to Django)
  9. Sarah Allen (co­creator of After Effects, Flash video, recent Presidential Innovation Fellow) ­Gila
  10. Bracha (co­author of the Java Language Specification)
  11. Kent Beck (creator of Extreme Programming, created Test Driven Development, co­created Agile, author of 9 books)
  12. Ward Cunningham (inventor of the wiki, contributed to Extreme Programming, co­author of Design Patterns)
  13. Hampton Catlin (creator of Sass, Haml, m.wikipedia.org, book author)
  14. Matei Zaharia (creator of Apache Spark)
  15. Melody Meckfessel (Google Director of Engineering)
  16. Jon Skeet (the top answerer on StackOverflow)
  17. Scott Hanselman (author of multiple books)
  18. Jeff Haynie (founder of Appcelerator)
  19. Ryan Bubinski (founder of Codecademy)
  20. Aaron Skonnard (founder of Pluralsight)
  21. Floyd Marinescu (founder of InfoQ)
  22. Steve Newcomb (founder of Famo.us)
  23. Orion Henry (founder of Heroku)
  24. Janet Wiener (Engineering at Facebook, big data expert)
  25. Scott Chacon (CIO, Github)
  26. Chad Fowler (CTO, Wunderlist, well­known programming educator and blogger)
  27. Salil Deshpande (open source investor titan)
  28. Hadi Partovi (founder of Code.org, was in charge of Internet Explorer, advisor to Dropbox and Facebook)
  29. Rebecca Parsons (CTO, Thoughtworks)
  30. John Henry Thompson (inventor of Adobe Director and Lingo Scripting Language)
  31. Yehuda Katz (Ember.js, JQuery, Rails core contributor; inventor of Handlebars)
  32. Chris Richardson (Java Champion, book author, founder of Cloud Foundry)

The nonprofit charities you can donate to also include:

  1. Black Girls Code
  2. Bridge Foundry
  3. Code2040
  4. Code.org
  5. Code for America
  6. Code the Change
  7. CodersTrust
  8. CoderDojo
  9. Ladies Learning Code
  10. ScriptEd
  11. Women Who Code

Sign up now at hack.summit() for the conference, which takes place Dec 2-4; there's already more than 13,000 developers signed up for the conference. I'll have more on some of the events of the conference as we get closer to the dates.


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