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Hadoop Clusters using Amazon EC2 - Video Course

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Hadoop Clusters using Amazon EC2 - Video Course

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Check out: Check out the course here and my final review for this week! I've been working on this since last week, I wanted to do something completely different and new while I explored PacktPub's Video Courses. Creating a cloud machine using Amazon services seems like a pretty cool idea, but in practice it isn't as complicated as I thought it would be! Amazon really makes this setup a breeze and having a video guiding you is really amazing. Something completely irrelevant to this: The Instructor is using Google Chrome (:

The video course walks you through the setup and then how to deploy the Amazon Machine Image needed for creating the Hadoop Cluster. I really liked the key configuration used, security groups, and the overall security aspect. When I thought about the cloud I really didn't fully understand what all the hype was about, but now I see it is really useful technology! I'm also very glad he decided to use key's for password-less ssh access, I use this all the time on my local Linux machine and it just keeps things secure and very simple. My access logs have went from millions of registrations from China and Russia to having no logged information, now that's piece of mind. I still check them daily because I am paranoid by nature.

Setup of the Hadoop software was rather simple and straight forward, again very helpful having the video guidance. Overall I really enjoyed this course and using Hadoop is pretty easy, I went over certain portions of the video a few times for clarity and to practice for muscle memory. I really liked the Apache integration and ease of use, this is just one of the reasons Hadoop has become popular. I would highly recommend this course if you want to get into cloud based systems and just learning how to work with Hadoop clusters!

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