Hadoop Summit 2016 Dublin Wrap-Up

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Hadoop Summit 2016 Dublin Wrap-Up

A collection of talks and videos from the recent Hadoop Summit in Dublin from Zone Leader Tim Spann.

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The presentations from the recent Hadoop Summit are up online. Hadoop Summit 2016 Dublin had a ton of great presentations on Hadoop, Apache Atlas, Spark, HDFS, TensorFlow, Machine Learning, NLP, Apache Zeppelin, HBase, Phoenix, Apache Hive, YARN and Docker. Running HDP in Containers.

Spark-HBase Connector

The Spark-HBase Connector lets Spark access HBase tables as external data sources or sinks. You can then run Spark SQL against it with Data Frame support and Catalyst optimization. With it, users can operate HBase with Spark-SQL on a data frame level.

There is also recordings of many of the excellent talks, just like being there without the Guiness!


Hadoop Summit Dublin 2016:

Apache Phoenix and HBase: Past, Present, and Future of SQL over HBase

Using Natural Language Processing On Non Textual Data

Zeppelin Livy Bringing Multi Tenancy to Interactive Data Analysis

Apache Zeppelin: Helium and Beyond

Why Big Data Management Requires Hierarchical Taxonomies

Apache Hive 2 0 SQL Speed Scale

Evolving HDFS to a Generalized Distributed Storage Subsystem

Apache Hadoop YARN and the Docker Container Runtime

TensorFlow Large Scale Deep Learning For Intelligent Computer Systems

Hive on ACID

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