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Handling Spring MVC Exceptions Using @ExceptionHandler Annotation

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Handling Spring MVC Exceptions Using @ExceptionHandler Annotation

This approach is ideal as it helps us reuse and centralize exception/error handling in Spring MVC/REST controllers.

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The Spring framework 3 provides an annotation @ExceptionHandler that can be used to intercept uncaught/unhandled exceptions in request mapped functions in controllers.

In the example below, we are throwing an Exception from a method that is called whenever /example is called. When spring determines that an uncaught exception is being thrown by the method, it calls the errorResponse method as it is annotated with @ExceptionHandler. The errorResponse method can then be used to construct a JSON response (which in this case is a result of serializing a Map containing error message and exception stacktrace).

This approach is ideal as it helps us reuse and centralize exception/error handling in Spring MVC/REST controllers.

public class ExampleController {

@RequestMapping(value = "", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public void example() throws Exception{
System.out.println("in the example function");
throw new Exception("a new Exception");

public Map<String,String> errorResponse(Exception ex, HttpServletResponse response){
Map<String,String> errorMap = new HashMap<String,String>();

StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(sw);
String stackTrace = sw.toString();

errorMap.put("errorStackTrace", stackTrace);

return errorMap;


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