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Handy Iterable For A Range Of Integers

Looping a specific number of times produces code a bit too verbose in Java.  The JDK5 enhanced for statement is a handy improvement, but you still have to fall back to the traditional for statement if you want to repeat a loop, say, 10 times.

Not with this implementation of Iterable.  You can use it like this:

for (int i : new Range(100))
    System.out.printf("I have said this %d times. Read dzone.com!%n", i);

class Range implements Iterable {
    private final Integer stop;
    public Range(int stop) {
        this.stop = stop;

    public Iterator iterator() {
        return new Iterator() {
            private Integer counter = 0;

            public boolean hasNext() {
                return (counter != stop);

            public Integer next() {
                if (counter == stop)
                    throw new NoSuchElementException();
                return ++counter;

            public void remove() {

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