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Happy 13th birthday, Jive Software!

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Happy 13th birthday, Jive Software!

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"After nearly 6 years with you, Jive, I'd still drunk-dial you at 3 in the morning and tell you I love you." - Gia Lyons
“From our earliest days, we’ve been most motivated by stories from our customers about the positive impact Jive has on their businesses. Thank you to them for letting us do what we love every day! I’m excited for many more years of Jiving on our 13th anniversary." - Matt Tucker
"Jive has been as much as home as a job for me over the last 6+ years. Whether I'm meeting new colleagues or catching up with long time friends, we're all pushing each other to accomplish more and do better. It's a shared sense of drive. We know, as Jivers, that we're building something unique and it's always an exciting endeavor!" - Billy Volpone

"Jive continues to grow and change but one thing stays the same: the people I work with are awesome!" - Victor Soares

"There is no where I'd rather be.  I'm so proud of everything we've done and psyched about everything we plan to do." - Kathryn Everest 
"I joined Jive when it was about 3 ½ years old.  What we’ve accomplished in the time I’ve been here is overwhelmingly amazing and I could not be more proud to be a part of it.  While teenage years are not something you typically look forward to, I’m thrilled to be a part of Jive’s next chapter!" - Megan Ross Farrell
"I can't imagine working somewhere other then Jive.  How would I get work done?  What disconnected and random set of tools would I be forced to use?  Collaboration through Jive makes work easier and more fun, it also makes it easier to connect with other employees that normally you would never meet over the course of your time at a company." - Curtis Gross

Jive Israel celebrated a proper Jewish 13th birthday. It was a "JiveMitzva!" They had yarmulkes for every employee, proud family greetings, 2 BarMitzva Boys (Matt Tucker and Bill Lynch) dressed traditionally, Jewish games of throwing candles at the BarMitzva Boys and more! Thanks to everyone that contributed to this awesome celebration and video: Adi Levy, Lev Waisberg, Sagi Eliyahu, Alex Pavlovski, Roy Antebi, and the entire Jive Israel team.


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