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I'm Dreaming of a #FFFFFF Christmas

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I'm Dreaming of a #FFFFFF Christmas

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Because our GIFtastic Thanksgiving post was so popular last month, we thought we'd help you survive the Holiday Season with another round of Tips and Tricks in (mostly) GIFtastic form.

1) Make sure you check all the switches when you're Christmas lights won't work.

2) Try to maintain as much flexibility in your winter clothes as you can to avoid this situation.

3) Beware the suicidal Santas.

4) Be careful what you wish for.

5) Avoid overly stressful family situations.

6) Don't punch Santa. Then no one will get presents.

7) Your tree doesn't have to perfect, it just has to be yours

8) Make sure Santa feels welcome

9) Dalek + Christmas Tree = Disaster

10) I know Chanukah ended on December 5th, but this is still one of my favorite holiday songs.

11) Spice up your holiday music with something a little different: Rush Coil's 8-Bit Christmas. It's just fantastic :)

Have a Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah everyone!

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