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Harness the Crowd aims to help newbie crowdfunders

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Harness the Crowd aims to help newbie crowdfunders

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With over 300 or so crowdfunding platforms operating around the world, turning to the crowd for finance is a rapidly growing area.  Alas, the success rate for crowdfunded projects is not great.  Estimates last year revealed that success rates on Kickstarter were pretty low.  What’s more, those projects that did fail to reach their funding target, tended to miss it by a whole lot, with the figures suggesting that just 3% of failed projects got past the 50% mark.

Now you could argue that there is only so much money and interest to go around, and as such, failure is inevitable for many.  You could also argue that some projects simply weren’t very good and that their failure was a good thing.  There will however no doubt have been many projects that failed to achieve their goals because they went about things in the wrong way.

It is these people for whom a new website is aimed.  Harness The Crowd is a new site created by three Kickstarter veterans.  The site was created with the aim of helping people looking to go down this route make better use of the platform.  It comes complete with tips on things such as creating a budget, choosing the right goal, all the way down to tips on shooting your promo video the right way.

There is also a listing of various service providers that can help people with their campaigns.  So if you want help marketing your campaign or fulfilling obligations when you meet your target, you can find help here.  The community of users can also offer support to each other, either through offering tips themselves or recommending people that can help.

“Crowdfunding is all about community, and we feel it should be more than just giving money, you should be able to engage, as well,” the founders said. “That’s our goal and ambition for this project.”

Thus far, the site is very new, so most of the content has been provided by the founders themselves, but the aim is very much for the community to eventually provide the bulk of the new content.

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