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Harvest JavaScript From Java Roots

ZK has launched ZK 8! Learn more about the cool features including shadow components for template injection.

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The ZK team is proud to announce the release of ZK 8!

ZK 8 is created to present developers with even more powerful tools, allowing faster and more accurate development of Java Web Applications. It aims to leverage the advancing client-side power with client-side command binding and template injection, while still allowing you to enjoy the equally important server-side integration and security. In short, with ZK 8 you can stay true to your Java roots, but also effortlessly keep up with the ever-evolving world of front-end technologies.

Template injection is done by the introduction of shadow components – a pure server-side reusing mechanism. The shadow components can easily turn HTML pages created by a web designer into a dynamic web page with data binding. Using shadow components is similar to using standard ZK UI components through MVVM approach. By manipulating the shadow components, developers can inject different HTML templates based on the given condition.

Furthermore, with client-side command binding, a Javascript widget can seamlessly communicate with your server-side Java code, as well as extract data from the server. This feature makes it extremely easy to integrate any existing Javascript widgets or libraries in the most beloved Java way.

ZK 8 allows you to reuse the HTML designs created by the most popular JavaScript libraries and control them in pure Java; saving you time and boosting your productivity. You no longer need to choose between server-side and client-side; you deserve to enjoy both.

Main Features:

  • Control Bootstrap/HTML Layout in Java

    • Using ZK 8's UI Templating, you can easily apply a predesigned layout or a Bootstrap template and enliven it in Java.

  • Clear View/Logic Separation

    • ZK 8's MVVM pattern cleanly separates view and logic, allowing representation of the same data structure with varying detail, layout and even functionality.

  • Easily Integrate Third-Party JavaScript Libraries

    • By using ZK 8's Data-handler, you can conveniently incorporate many third-party Javascript libraries.
  • Seamless Client-Server Messaging with MVVM Client-Binding
    • ZK 8's Client binding allows you to trigger commands on the server-side and register callbacks on the client-side, ensuring effective communication and empowering even AngularJS/ReactJS with Java.

ZK 8 Features Demo Page: http://www.zkoss.org/zk8keyfeaturedemo/

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