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Has hybrid cloud already won?

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Enterprises are still dabbling in the cloud and actively observing emerging cloud offering battles as megawatts of low-cost and energy-efficient cloud capacity comes online.  Apps running in the cloud constitute perhaps four percent of all enterprise production apps, despite the obvious benefits.

Yet a Rackspace survey announced today suggests that hybrid has won the game.

If a very small portion of enterprises have deployed any apps in the cloud, how could hybrid cloud already be declared a winner?  It appears that hybrid cloud is not what enterprises have deployed but rather what they want (by Rachel King at ZDNet):

“The first major takeaway lesson was that the hybrid cloud turned out to be the preferred deployment choice for 60 percent of the enterprises surveyed.

On top of that, 60 percent of respondents also said that they are mulling whether or not to move certain applications or workloads partially or completely off the public cloud because of limitations or benefits of other platforms.”

The gap between what enterprises want to do with the cloud and what they are actually doing is likely a wide one.  In between are strategic considerations about which apps can be deployed and whether or not there is an economic advantage for the app to be deployed in a hybrid cloud.  Predictable workloads are often cheaper on premises, while unpredictable workloads are often cheaper in the cloud. That takes us to an extreme case of unpredictable workloads: disaster recovery.

One of the most powerful use cases for hybrid cloud will likely be “pay as you go” cloud disaster recovery.  It could reduce DR costs by more than 50 percent versus traditional approaches and offer improvements in RPOs and RTOs for many.  It would make the cloud ever more compelling for production workloads.

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