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Setting Your Mobile App up for Success

Getting ready to release your app into the world? This article will help ensure that you've set yourself up for success.

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There is no denying the fact that smartphones have flocked the world. Currently, there are roughly 2 billion smartphones around the world. Because the usage of smartphones increases day-by-day, the demand for mobile applications also increases. As per the report 2015, there are more than 1.6 million android apps in the Play store and 1.5 million iOS compatible apps in the apps store. How do you make the best out of this? How do you stand out?

This article aims to give you a brief insight on what you need to do for your mobile app improvement and the things to remember if you are yet to venture in the said area.

In-App Messaging

On a study made by the Localytics Data Team, it has been found out that in-app messages can actually increase app launches by as much as 27%. Based on this stat, in-app messages is a good way of enhancing your user’s experience when it comes to your app. This is because in-app messages serve as a navigation guide that will help your user explore your app and make them appreciate it even more. On the same report given by the same team, it showed that in-app messages boost engagements by as much as three hundred percent. The more they are engaged with your apps, the more likely they are to spend more on your app.

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Mobile App A/B Testing

If there is one thing that an app user truly hates it is a buggy app. So in order for your app to run as smoothly as possible, it should be tested multiple times before launching it on the market. There are so many things that an app developer should think about before he can declare that his app is completely bug and error free.

One of the things that an app developer should think about for his mobile app improvement plan is to think of the platform that he is developing on. He should remember that phones run differently. For example, iPhones run on iOS and on A chips (currently A9). iPhones, unlike most Android phones, have relatively smaller rams due to the fact that apple chips have a pretty unique way of managing apps. Therefore, if your app consumes too much ram, you might consider redesigning your app.

Another thing to remember is the resolution. Not all smartphones can accommodate UHD (Ultra High Definition) apps especially when it comes to games. You should keep in mind that not everybody can afford a flagship phone and that your mobile app should be able to meet the system requirements as necessary. Below is a list of the screen resolutions that are currently available for smartphones and tablets alike.

  • 320 x 480p
  • 640 x 960p
  • 480 x 800p
  • 720 x 1280p
  • 768 x 1280p
  • 800 x 1280p
  • 1200 x 1920p
  • 2048 × 1536p

Observing User Behavior

Remember that the success of an app can be affected by the way the market (your customers) behaves. If you are yet to venture into the app game and do not have an idea on which kind of app you want to make, consider these statistics. Over 29% of the time, consumers use their total number of hours spent on their mobile phones to social media. This is actually pretty obvious considering the fact that humans are social beings. Around 15% of their total mobile phone time is spent on informational articles and videos and gathering information. 18% of it goes to gaming. However, a study made by Ubisoft showed that there are times that mobile gamers can spend up to 7 hours a day playing with their phones.

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Be Human!

The age group that spends the most time on apps on a monthly basis are the people that are around 18-24 years old. The most used app in this age group is a social media app: Facebook. Facebook has around 1 billion users worldwide. With that being said, connecting to your prospective customers wouldn’t be a bad idea. One of the reasons why Rovio Entertainment (the company behind angry birds) is such a hit is that they have garnered so much likes in their Facebook and twitter accounts. They use these social media outlets to tease their customers with new games and announce updates.

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The sports gaming and application giant EA mobile uses their combined one hundred thousand followers to alert them with updates and news. Every time that they get a positive response, they retweet it and share it. This serves as a good way of selling your app because it came from an actual satisfied user. Identify with your target audience — start with this principle.

Feedback and Reviews

According to Chief Marketing Officer Council Worldwide, 4 out 10 prospective app downloaders read reviews before actually downloading an application. Although this is a good way of getting feedback from actual users, there is no denying the fact that they can be biased at times and that they can be easily fabricated. Another good way of doing it is by incorporating an in-app analytics platform, like apptamin, can give you an inside scoop on your users' app behaviors. Make sure that your analytics platform includes heat maps, user session logs and real-time data to make your work a lot easier and more efficient.

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To wrap it all up, when it comes to app developing even on e-commerce application development, all the factors mentioned above should be observed. Your users should feel that there is a human behind the app and that you care about them by replying to them on social media accounts. Before releasing your app, it should be bug and error free. Incorporate a feasible strategy where you can react and respond to feedbacks. And lastly, do have an in-app analytics platform incorporated in your app monitoring system.

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