Have You Bothered To Think Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App?

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Have You Bothered To Think Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App?

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In a smart phone dominated world where 2/3rds of internet users access the internet using their smart phones, it would be a waste of precious time to stress upon the need for a mobile phone app for your business. Every school kid has a smart phone and so does every Tom, Dick and Harry you may come across the whole day. Life seems to come to a stand-still when you can’t find your smart phone.

With the changing times the ways of promoting a business have also changed drastically. Gone are the days when businesses could advertise in newspapers and magazines and find new customers instantly. With passage of time the relevance of the print media had diminished a little as people now depend on the internet to gain knowledge instead.  The obvious choice of internet over the print media comes due to its flexibility and the abundance of information available online.

With the development of the internet the concept of mobile phone applications has also evolved. Mobile phone apps are a must have today for anything imaginable like shopping, finding a job or finding a doctor for your treatment. An average individual across the globe today spends at least 2 hours a day on his smart phone, looking for information or business. These are facts and figures which a business can ill afford to ignore, if really serious about finding new customers.

With a motive to educate the readers, I should begin to discuss the benefits of a mobile phone application for a modern business today.

Makes your business more visible

Since there are an innumerable number of smart phone users who are spending a considerable amount of time on their smart phone daily, developing your mobile app and placing it in front of them will mark your permanent presence. If a user is searching for what your app is offering then your purpose is solved and you will get a new customer. These days Hybrid apps are designed in such a way that they can link your business website with your app and even divert users to your product buying page from within the app. A hybrid app offers many benefits as it is cross platform and can be downloaded from Google play or the App Store easily.

Provides mobility

As smart phones are small in size, can be carried in pockets and can also access the internet, your business is always within the reach of users even while they are travelling. This translates into the fact that your business is omnipresent 24x7 for the users through your mobile phone application. Think about the kind of business you might probably miss out on in the absence of your mobile app. Customers love to get latest news, read reviews and see online advertisements related to products that interest them. Only a mobile app can make this possible. An app provides accessibility of your business to users at their fingertips.

Promotion through apps

Engaging users and inviting them to participate in contests, surveys and rewarding them with discounts is another way of promoting your business through your app. This ensures that a once in a while visitor becomes a regular visitor to your app. Who said that there are no free lunches?

Branding your business

A frequent visitor to your app gets more attracted to it after sampling your services first hand. This helps in building your brand and its reputation. It is important for a business to stick to the delivery dates of the online orders received to achieve the same. An attractive looking app which ensures a good user experience is sure to attract attention. Users always like to have some fun while browsing the app, so why not give it to them.

User queries

Apps have provision of features like an online chat; help page etc. which provide a platform to users to clear their doubts and apprehensions regarding products and services. Users prefer to make enquiries by mail and be replied by mail through your app rather than calling the business directly. Ensuring prompt replies to queries will bring in more customers.

In conclusion, timing is crucial in competition. You should be a pioneer and should be the first one to initiate the process of app development before your competition does.

Some small businesses might think that it is expensive to build an app but the benefits by far outweigh the costs. What a small business can do is to start with a basic app with limited functionality and then upgrade it when business starts coming in.

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