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Hazelcast, a Clustering and Data Distribution Solution - Now Open Source!

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Hazelcast, a Clustering and Data Distribution Solution - Now Open Source!

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Hazelcast, a transactional distributed/partitioned queue, topic, map, set, lock, executor service implementation for Java, is now open source and released under Apache license.


  • Distributed implementations of java.util.{Queue, Set, List, Map}
  • Distributed implementation of java.util.concurrency.locks.Lock
  • Distributed implementation of java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService
  • Distributed Topic for publish/subscribe messaging
  • Transaction support and J2EE container integration via JCA
  • Dynamic HTTP session clustering
  • Support for cluster info and membership events
  • Dynamic discovery
  • Dynamic scaling to hundreds of servers
  • Dynamic partitioning with backups
  • Dynamic fail-over

Hazelcast is for you if you want to

  • share data/state among many servers (e.g. web session sharing)
  • cache your data (distributed cache)
  • cluster your application
  • partition your in-memory data
  • distribute workload onto many servers
  • take advantage of parallel processing
  • provide fail-safe data management

The project is hosted at http://code.google.com/p/hazelcast

Hazelcast project is actively developed and maintained by Hazel Ltd.

Weblog : http://www.jroller.com/talipozturk

Email    : talip@hazelcast.com

Video    : http://www.hazelcast.com/gettingstarted.htm






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