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HBase vs. Cassandra

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There was an interesting semi-debate style article posted by Doug Henschen on Information Week recently. The bout was focused on the two most popular wide-column NoSQL stores, HBase and Cassandra.

Henschen got statements from both Michael Hausenblas of MapR technologies, a company that favors HBase, and Jonathan Ellis of DataStax, a company that builds its products on Cassandra.  I think it's definitely worth a read because it is probably a good indicator of what facets to focus on when evaluating these data stores, but I wouldn't base your whole decision on these two arguments. 

Both parties have a bias and I think the arguments are somewhat skewed because the premise of the article is not a survey of Cassandra and HBase equally, but instead it's asking "Will HBase Dominate NoSQL?"  I think this is why you see Ellis take a more aggressive stance against HBase in contrast to Hausenblas.

Update (8/16/13):  HBase Committers responded to this article as well.

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