Hear Juicy Bits about J6u10 and JavaFX in Java Posse Interview

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Hear Juicy Bits about J6u10 and JavaFX in Java Posse Interview

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If you've got a few minutes for a silly conversation that has some revealing insights into Java SE 6 Update 10 (the Get Deployment Right release) and JavaFX, then listen to this Java Posse interview with Josh Marinacci and Richar Bair from Sun, starting at minute 42:00 in the podcast.  By the way, here are the mugshots of the Java Posse:


Right out of the gate (after an inevitable comment from someone about beer), Joshua made the rather insightful remark that "JavaFX is sort of a code word for reinventing client Java and fixing the sins of the past".  They go on to discuss some of the cool features of the new browser plug-in (according to the interview they "shot the old one in the head and buried it out back"), and about J6u10 in general.

For more background and info on J6u10, see my Java Kernel post.  Enjoy the podcast, but please don't say I didn't warn you that it contains mucho sillyness :-)

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