Heavy Metal Machine: The iPad Pro Annihilates ParticleLab Test

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Heavy Metal Machine: The iPad Pro Annihilates ParticleLab Test

For my Metal particles project, iPad Pro is about 50% faster than Air 2.

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My shiny new iPad Pro has just arrived and, of course, the very first thing I did was install my ParticleLab application on it to check Metal performance.

I've created a new demo mode which also includes two post-processing Metal Performance Shaders: 

  • MPSImageGaussianBlur,

  • MPSImageAreaMin to give a nice nebulous effect.

Performance is impressive. Running these particles on that massive screen looks gorgeous!

Test Resolution

iPad Air 2 iPhone 6S iPad Pro

 1366× 1024

20fps 25fps 30fps

If you want to try yourself, the project is available my GutHub repository here, enjoy!

The first real app I've installed is my own Nodality and the extra real estate of the Pro makes using it an absolute pleasure. I'm in the process of reengineering Nodality from the ground up and hope to have a new version, with Apple Pencil support, out in the first weeks of 2016. 

In the meantime, here's a photo of Nodality in its natural home!

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