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Hello Handlebars.java!

Handlebars provides the power necessary to let you build semantic templates effectively with no frustration.

Mustache templates are compatible with Handlebars, so you can take a Mustache template, import it into Handlebars, and start taking advantage of the extra Handlebars features.

Getting Started 

In general, the syntax of Handlebars templates is a superset of Mustache templates. For basic syntax, check out the Mustache manpage.


Current version: 0.2.0




Hello Handlebars.java

Handlebars handlebars = new Handlebars();

Template template = handlebars.compile("Hello {{.}}!");





Hello Handlebars.java!


 Want to learn more? Have a look to the project at https://github.com/edgarespina/handlebars.java 

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