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Hello Java 8 and NetBeans 8!

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NetBeans IDE 8 (release notes here) provides out-of-the-box code analyzers and editors for working with the latest Java 8 technologies--Java SE 8, Java SE Embedded 8, and Java ME Embedded 8. The IDE also has a range of new enhancements that further improve its support for Maven and Java EE with PrimeFaces; new tools for HTML5, in particular for AngularJS; and improvements to PHP and C/C++ support. 

Here's an overview of what NetBeans partners and users are looking forward to in NetBeans 8!

Ruslan Synytsky (Jelastic Chief Technology Officer). "NetBeans IDE is one of the keys technologies for enterprise software development and we are pleased to support it via our Platform-as-Infrastructure plugin.

This is possibly the most comprehensive NetBeans IDE release yet, enabling rapid time-to-application for developers.”

Shai Almog (CEO and Co-Founder of Codename One). "We use NetBeans as our primary IDE at Codename One. I can't wait to get my hands on the new features, such as instant JavaDoc tooltips when hovering over elements in the editor.

However, the true value of this release is the solid foundation of the NetBeans IDE, which provides a robust foundation for our complex requirements."

Matia Zanella (Managing Director at Storm Interactive). NetBeans 8.0 on Mac OSX is faster and more responsive than the preceding releases.

I also appreciate the Indent Guidelines that make coding really clear, especially when you need to find where separators or functions begin and end in large files. (Other favorite features.)

Lou Dasaro (Leader of Chicago JavaFX User Group). "JavaFX development with NetBeans IDE is tighter than ever with release 8.0, with over three dozen fixes made to JavaFX support since 7.4, and several enhancements, including improved Scene Builder support and Remote Java SE platform support.

I recently received my first Raspberry Pi, and I am looking forward to developing JavaFX apps for it with NetBeans IDE 8.0. I am particularly excited about the new capability that allows you to select a Remote Java SE platform as described by Jose Pereda. I'm also pleased to see support for profiling Java SE Embedded on ARM. Definitely useful if I have a project that goes the Embedded route." (Other favorite features.)

David Heffelfinger (Author and Consultant). "I'm really looking forward to the new Java SE 8 support in NetBeans 8, especially lambdas and streams.

On the Java EE front, one NetBeans IDE feature I really like is the ability to generate a complete JSF application from JPA entities, truth be told, web applications generated from this wizard were not that aesthetically pleasing, NetBeans 8 takes care of this problem by enhancing the wizard to use PrimeFaces components to generate the markup, generating very impressive web applications with just a few clicks.

For those occasions when we are writing our own JSF applications instead of having NetBeans generate it for us, the enhanced JSF template client wizard is going to come in handy." (Other favorite features.)

Scott Palmer (Digital Rapids Corp). "Most of my work is on the client side.  I prefer "real" desktop apps, so the JavaFX support with Scene Builder integration is going to be great.

But now I need web-based apps too and the HTML5 projects with Angular support and JavaScript debugging will be great as we move away from GWT." (Other favorite features.)

Thorsten Hell (cismet). "Our team is keen to use the new version 8 of our preferred IDE. Our JavaScript developers like the AngularJS, Karma, and Grunt integration.

The new Maven dependency tree visualization is great and I personally love the new indentation guidelines. The compatibility with our Beanmill Logging viewer is assured and we will come up with a new free SQL Formatting plugin shortly."

Josh Juneau (Author and Consultant). "NetBeans 8 contains loads of exciting new features... too many to list!  As far as Java EE goes, there are many new features that I'll use daily.  Looking forward to helpful JSF features, such as better PrimeFaces integration, and finer grained control over Facelets Template Client creation.

Excellent Maven support gets even better in 8.0, with features such as the ability to add additional web resources in a project view, as well as new graph layouts. 

Expression language support has been improved with code completion for @Named methods.  I'm looking forward to trying out new features, such as Nashorn JavaScript debugging, and Avatar.js projects.

Beyond Java EE and web applications, the new release even makes it easier to develop Java applications on Raspberry Pi and other embedded devices with the ability to deploy, run, or profile Java SE applications directly on embedded devices... and I'm very interested in trying that out!" (Other favorite features.)

Brad Green (AngularJS product manager). "Doing code completion for controller properties within Angular templates will be hugely useful!"

Mark Stephens (CEO at IDRSolutions). "As a Java Geek, I am really excited at the new Java 8 support with hints for new code and transformations to update existing code.

As a professional developer, I am very pleased to see continued improvements to the Profiler and Java editor and very appreciative of the robustness, performance and reliability of the new release. I will be upgrading my work systems on release day!" (Other favorite features.)

Ryan Cuprak (Connecticut JUG Leader). "I am looking forward to the Java 8 support and cannot wait to checkout the Raspberry Pi integration.

For daily tasks, I am excited by the TomEE integration as well as the CDI enhancements. Performance fixes for Maven projects will be important and a reason for me to upgrade immediately."

Markus Eisele (Author and Consultant). "TomEE Support: finally! Awesome. Tightly integrated as NetBeans is used to do it.

Configure your server, deploy on save. JSF Support: updated JSF Versions and a new PrimeFaces 4.0 library.

Also very much appreciated are updated hints and the navigation into custom components." (Other favorite features.)

Djamel Torche (Consultant). "With the new version 8 of NetBeans, some newly introduced or enhanced features will make my life as a programmer easier, especially for Java EE.

Especially the generation of complete CRUD applications based on PrimeFaces and improved Maven integration." (Other favorite features. )

Anton Arhipov (JRebel Product Lead at ZeroTurnaround). "Firstly, with today's announcements one can't pass by the Java 8 support in the new NetBeans 8 release. :)

Secondly, the lock contention monitoring feature in the NetBeans profiler looks really-really-really interesting! And, despite the fact that my work is not really related to web/frontend applications... I really like the sound of the built-in support for AngularJS!"


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