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Help! Kaspersky Internet Security Caused My Computer to Overheat!

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Help! Kaspersky Internet Security Caused My Computer to Overheat!

Kaspersky Internet Security, intended to keep your machine running like a champ, recently overheated my computer. Thankfully I discovered the culprit and fix, though I still don't know why this occurred.

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Recently my three year old HP m6-1205dx was plagued by a terrible performance bottleneck. I’d noticed my trusty HP slowing down, emitting more heat, and sounding like a taxing plane. Sure enough, a brief glance at my task manager revealed that my disk use was rising to an alarming 100%.

I had seen this happen before on occasion, only this time I was consistently seeing a jump to 100% disk use when simply performing small tasks like web browsing. For a few weeks, I suffered through moderate lag until the final straw: overhearing. So I went to my trusted ally in times of troubleshooting: Google. A quick search yielded several forums offering fixes, including changing power management from “Energy Star Rated” to “High Performance.” However, nothing worked, until I discovered the culprit: Kaspersky Internet Security 2015.

Yep, KIS for some odd reason was causing a spike to 100% disk use. After reading in a forum about a potential tweak, I navigated to the “Performance” section of Kaspersky Internet Security:

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015>Settings>Performance>Computer Resources

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From there, I checked the boxes next to “Concede resources to other applications,” and “Concede resources to operating system when the computer starts.” Almost instantaneously, my disk use plummeted from 100% to 3%. I have no idea what caused this problem, but I’m just glad I’ve resolved it successfully. While I have yet to upgrade to an SSD, my 5400rpm hard drive isn’t THAT sluggish, and mechanical vs. SSD shouldn’t cause such high disk use.

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Ironically, security suites are supposed to protect our devices, and keep them running smoothly. If I’m protected, but unable to use my computer because of resource allocation, that’s a major problem. RAM and CPU use were both normal. While I’m at a loss for why this occurred, I’m more just happy that my HP isn’t overheating every ten minutes. Tom’s Guide to the rescue once again.

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Got any insight into this strange scenario, or have a wacky performance problem of your own to share? Chime in in the comments section, or hit me up on Twitter!

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