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Help Make NetBeans ClearCase Support Great

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Help Make NetBeans ClearCase Support Great

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As of 12 days ago, there is ClearCase support for NetBeans 6.1 available. So far there have not been many downloads. This is not that surprising since it tends to be used in fairly large, conservative companies, who don't tend to try daily builds of NetBeans.

So I'm asking for your help - if you use ClearCase and could spare a few minutes, please try it out. Version control system integration is something that, in particular, needs heavy testing to make sure it meets people's needs. But we have a problem that there isn't as much overlap between people use ClearCase and people who use daily builds of NetBeans. So we're asking for the help of anyone who is using ClearCase and can try this out to please do. Here's how: 

  • Get a daily build of NetBeans 6.1 - This link will always give you the most recent
  • Start it and go to Tools | Plugins on the main menu
  • Toward the bottom of the list you should see an item for Clearcase. Check its checkbox.
  • Click the Install button below to download and install it (no restart required :-)).
  • Try it out:
    • Either open an existing NetBeans project that is already controlled by ClearCase - versioning options will be available by right clicking files, or...,
    • Do a checkout using the Versioning | ClearCase menu and then do the above
  • File an issue if you encounter any problems, or think of a way it can be improved
Thanks for your support,

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