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Help Make Tombstoning Easier for Everyone!

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Help Make Tombstoning Easier for Everyone!

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I originally built TombstoneHelper to try and make it a bit easier to handle tombstoning in Windows Phone 7 apps. It covers some of the basics but doesn't go as far as most people need and their is still lots of confusion, amongst many, about how to handle tombstoning in an app.

I think I've finally got a good enough idea about the best practices for how to handle tombstoning for almost all situations and, probably more importantly, I've got some time to update the TombstoneHelper library.

But I have a couple of questions:

  • Is anyone interested in an updated TombstoneHelper? which would handle ViewModels too.
  • Are you using the current version?
  • How else do you handle tombstoning in your apps?

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