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Here’s What to Know About Hosting a Great Webinar

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Here’s What to Know About Hosting a Great Webinar

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You don’t just turn on your laptop camera and begin a webinar. There’s a lot of stuff that needs to be prepared beforehand.

So, we thought why not create a list of things that you should think about if you’re hoping to create the sort of webinar that generates an audience, expert  interest and great leads.

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Think About Search

Search engines rank blogs, webinars and articles via the H1 or Title tag. Considering this when deciding on your webinar title can make all the difference to where it ranks in the search engines in the long term.

Our advice is to do a little keyword research to find a title. Make sure not to forget about the human experience though. A strong SEO headline will help you rank, but a compelling headline will make humans more likely to click through to see the webinar.

Decide on a Webinar Service

What webinar company are you going to use – a free option, or would you prefer something with some more bells and whistles, or maybe you just want a tool to share documents?

There are plenty of great paid options out there too that are worthy of consideration depending on your needs.

ClickWebinar for instance integrates with social media channels and Microsoft Office tools – perhaps this is something you want. Google+ is free but has its limitations, while Skype has its GroupCalls feature, though this is a paid service. Facebook even has its own video service though it’s only one on one as of yet.

Test it

By doing a test webinar you can iron out any big issues with your webinar. If you have them, invite panellists to join for a test run and to get to grips with things.

In addition, this also offers you the opportunity to check everyone’s audio, ensure there are no technical issues and to make certain all slides and other factors work smoothly and without issue – Show Document is well worth considering if your webinar is document heavy.

You should also record the test. It helps you get to grips with all functions of the software and ensures there is less chance of mishap during a webinar.

Get Help

By having a second person to help you for your webinar you take away a lot of the issues.

·  An assistant or co-worker can be a great boost when it comes to trouble shooting.

·  They can also offer creative input

Before the Webinar

An hour before the webinar gets your PC ready – here are a number of things you should do:

·  Close apps that may take up bandwidth or processing power

·  Turn off any popup notifications that may appear on screen

·  Plug your laptop into a socket

·  Make sure that there are no distractions – never work with children or animals.

·  Ensure that your phone or any gadgets that can cause noise are out of earshot

·  Sign into your webinar software quarter of an hour early to ensure you’re relaxed and there are no last minute issues.

The Webinar

So, the webinar is here and you’re about to go live – here are some tips to make running the webinar easy.

·  It’s pretty simple, but make sure you start on time. Nothing is as irritating as a late webinar.

·  Ask the audience if you can be heard the moment the webinar goes live

·  Encourage people to Tweet, Pin, and Facebook Share or perform social media activities. Ideally, you should share a hashtag for the webinar.

·  Hit the start button and begin recording the webinar

·  Next, if you have panellists, then you need to introduce them. This should be done before you delve into the topics of the day and should state who they are and what they do

·   Start asking questions

·  Enjoy the webinar

After the Webinar

When the webinar is over you will have a piece of valuable content. There are a number of different things that you can do to use, promote and distribute this valuable piece of content.

·  Decide whether you’re going to use it as gated content or share it openly

·  If using it as gated content perhaps consider using it as a way to collect email addresses

·  If openly promoting the webinar then consider using paid social media

·  Upload the content to YouTube and optimise

·  Ask any guests to promote the content via their social media channels

Webinars are a fantastic way to create interest, gather insights and to engage an audience. Using these tips will help you create a great webinar and aid your marketing efforts no end. 

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