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Here's What You've Mist: A Stormfront of Cloud

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Here's What You've Mist: A Stormfront of Cloud

Here's your monthly roundup of all things cloud, with a special emphasis on those who have been a little scrappier than usual.

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Greetings, developers and developettes! Before we begin with this week's round-up, I have a question for all of you, and I'd like you to answer as honestly as you can:

Has this past week or so been long as hell for anyone else? It's not just me, right? Maybe it's February as a whole. I've heard that before somewhere, something about the irony of it being the shortest month, etc., etc. Anyway, </endrant>.

This month has been an interesting one for cloud since the last roundup was posted, and some of the more popular topics include Docker and Kubernetes (as if either of them are going anywhere anytime soon), the concept of cloud from different implementations, and predictions. Let's jump into it!

Cloud Pleasers

Here are the most-viewed articles from the past 30 days, give or take a few:

Docker Isn't Dead by Dylan Stamat — Our faithful readers will recall Chris Short's controversial "Docker (Inc.) Is Dead" article, explaining why Docker wouldn't last the year. This author, the CEO of Iron.io, disagreed. Strongly.

Will Serverless Be the Future of Enterprise Application Development? by Manjula Piyumal — Here is a brief introduction to the world of serverless, if there are still some of you out there not entirely familiar with the concept.

Container Wars: Kubernetes vs. Docker Swarm vs. Amazon ECS by Julia Pearson — It's the battle royale of containers, as this article pits the top three container platforms against each other in this technological head-to-head.

8 Serverless Tools/Platforms to Watch Out For by Jignesh Solanki — Behind every great serverless platform are tools that help them maintain, and improve, their performance. Check out these unsung heroes.

Maven Build Local Project With Docker: Why? by Ivo Woltring — If you've wondered how to build your next project on Maven, this article will not only teach you how, but it will tell you why.

Editor's Corner

So, I'm going to be upfront with you guys: I'm not a programmer, so my opinion may mean absolutely nothing to you, and that's fine.

Unless you count a shout-out in one of my articles, that is.

Here are my favorite cloud submissions from the past couple of weeks. 

The Real Reason Red Hat Is Acquiring CoreOS by Jason Bloomberg

Curated straight from the depths of Forbes.com (thanks, Jason!), this article addresses some recent news that rocked the cloud community. For the uninformed, Red Hat recently acquired CoreOS, creators of container deployment OS Container Linux, and Jason believes it's a little deeper than a simple open-source expansion.

The Dynamic Cloud: Availability and Scalability for Your Biggest Days by Lee Atchinson

The days before Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas are every online merchant's most anticipated and most feared. Lee us more in this article about the dynamic cloud, and how it is an absolutely necessary asset to employ to prevent an influx of traffic from stopping the most important flow: your cash flow.

Fritz Raises $2 Million, Brings Edge Computing to Mobile Developers to Create New Products and Better Experiences by Caitlin Regan

Now, before anyone gets up in arms about this article and our submission guidelines (see: "What Doesn't Work, bullet 3), I'll admit that you may be right. However, reading this article for me led to about an hour-long research session about what exactly edge computing was. Turns out, it's pretty exciting stuff, and any deal about tech that interesting is worthy.

War of the Words

If anyone is wondering why I chose to put "stormfront" in the title, it's because, since taking over the Cloud Zone a few weeks ago, I've learned one thing: you all love your contests and controversy. One expressive (read: controversial) article is, more often than not, the harbinger of a stream of comments, objections, and articles. Deny it all you want, then go take a look at the page views and comments for "Docker (Inc.) Is Dead" and "Docker Isn't Dead."

Here are some other articles that asked us to pick a side.

Status of Docker by Community Leaders by Julien Maitrehenry

It seems that Dylan isn't the only one with a bone to pick with Chris Short's article. Julien approaches the argument from the perspective of cloud users and experts in the tech field at large, and supports the prosperity of Docker as not just a cloud platform, but a very widely-supported and well-regarded tool.

Which Tech Giant Will Become Master Of the Cloud In 2018? by Rick Delgado

Between Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and other tech giants, who will be the ones to bring cloud to the next level, and have their names become synonymous with the next wave of cloud computing? Each company has made strong investments, from Google and Amazon's cloud platforms to Microsoft's CRM analytics tools. But only one (maybe two) can come out victorious.

Container Monitoring: Prometheus and Grafana Vs. Sysdig and Sysdig Monitor by Stefan Thorpe

Ah, nothing like a good ole-fashioned, feature-for-feature smackdown. In one corner, we have Prometheus's Grafana, flexible, much beloved, and scaleable as you please. In the other is Sysdig's Sysdig Monitor, a deep data-diving, performance-peeking powerhouse. Which is right for your testing needs?

That's it for this edition, ladies and gents! Let me know what you think the next rumble in the cloud will be about in the comments, and in the meantime, keep the good stuff coming!

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