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Here's Why Cloud Migration Matters

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Here's Why Cloud Migration Matters

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Greg Ness

A few days ago CloudVelocity CTO Anand Iyengar posted a blog on why cloud migration is very different than image migration. In Cloud Migration is Bigger than Image Portability he talks about 12 critical hybrid cloud elements that frequently go missing when a complete app and service is migrated into the cloud. He then talks about the business case for each element usually missed by image migration. His point: the cloud migration journey is as (or more) important as the cloud destination itself.

Yes, Amazon’s AWS has built some powerful hybrid cloud capabilities as I am reminded by at least one of its developers. Yet if you don’t take advantage of those APIs and services within VPC they might as well be missing. That’s Anand’s point. Use your cloud migration to set the stage for fully leveraging AWS capabilities, not simply plopping an image of an app in yet another silo.

By migrating apps, configs, updates and critical infrastructure services together into a cloud, the real payoff begins, including enhanced agility, security, protection and scalability. Without that app and service cohesion you get increased complexity, risk, manual process and a much less interesting payoff, especially from an authentication and security standpoint. Since AWS has developed some advance enterprise-friendly features… why not use them?

Anand’s blog has made the case that cloud migration is as strategic to cloud deployment as service provider selection; he argues that the depth and automation of the cloud migration itself matters. Anand’s blog is a must read for anyone considering moving their existing apps to any cloud.

See if your migration tool/solution addresses Anand’s 12 requirements.

Thank you also to David Strom who stopped by our offices to take our One Hybrid Cloud™ software for a spin. He just finished his 3 minute CloudVelocity video review.

Both of these commentaries go well together as Anand sets the stage by talking about cloud migration requirements and David then validates that Anand’s approach is not just powerful, but easy. Yes, it is a 3 minute video demo of a multi-tier tier app moved along with services at the push of a button.

Thanks Anand and David for your time and perspectives.

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