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'Heroku F-ing Console' Forgot About Aliases

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'Heroku F-ing Console' Forgot About Aliases

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A while back there was some buzz and agreement around a project called "heroku-f***ing-console," which is a plugin that allows you to just type heroku console instead of heroku run console, and it provides a few other shorthands.

While the tool and the GitHub page provided a little bit of entertainment, there's really no need to make a whole plugin to solve this issue.  Another developer posted his own GitHub page referring to a long-time solution for this problem: aliases.

Here's what you add to your ~/.bash_profile or ~/.zshrc:

alias hc="heroku run console"
alias gp="git push"

Not hard.  The response to this problem with heroku-f***ing-console was way more effort than necessary.

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