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Hibernate Core 3.6 Goes GA - Now on GitHub

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JBoss is now finished with Hibernate Core 3.6.0, which was developed in parallel with the 3.5.6 maintenance release.  Hibernate 3.5.6 went final in September while 3.6 was in the release candidate stage.  The 3.6 version represents a transition for Hibernate as it drops support for JDK 1.4 and makes changes to DTD hosting.

A lot of work has gone into testing Hibernate's compatibility with JBoss Application Server as the JPA provider.  JBoss AS has passed all of the persistence related tests with Hibernate 3.6 as its persistence provider so far.

Here are the major changes in 3.6

  • Dropped JDK 1.4 Support
  • hibernate-jmx and hibernate-annotations modules have been merged into hibernate-core (as a result, hibernate-core-3.6.0.Final.jar contains annotation and jmx support for Maven users)
  • Changed DTD hosting
  • Improved type support
  • Added a brand new Getting Started Guide, along with many other documentation improvements
  • Better annotations support for discriminators
  • Improved support for column-level read/write expressions and timestamp versions
  • A new way to write history entires (Envers feature - ValidityAuditStrategy)

You might have also noticed that the Hibernate downloads have been moved to GitHub.  Hibernate Validator is also there and Hibernate Search is on its way.  JBoss says that life wasn't bad under SVN, "but it's really great under Git."

You can learn more about the move in this posting, which includes some tips and tricks for using Git.

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