10 Excellent Platforms for Building Mobile Apps

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10 Excellent Platforms for Building Mobile Apps

If you want to save money, time and energy, while still coming up with a spectacular mobile app, you need to leverage on the best app building platforms.

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If you want to save money, time and energy, while still coming up with a spectacular mobile App, you need to leverage on the best app building platforms.

Here is a list of the crème de la crème of mobile app builders:

1.  The AppBuilder: You can opt for either the online toolkit to build your app as you get on the side training, or work with the AppBuilder platform to create the app together. You save time building an app for all platforms. It also offers protection through passwords and user name and leeway to update even after going live.

2.  Mobile Roadie: This app builder allows instant updating of the app’s content and supports all media types. You can preview your app while Mobile Roadie verifies quality and suitability of the app. Its language allows you to pull data in multiple formats such as HTML, CSV, among others. With customization, you can get a personalized touch, which is crucial online.

3.  Appery io: It is a cloud based mobile app builder used to create apps for Android, Windows and iOS phones. It is easy to get started since there is nothing to download from the cloud. You will also enjoy a drag and drop functionality to create your user interface. What’s more, you can enhance functionality using Appery plugins, and sharing is easy during and after development.

4.  Good Barber: You get 9 amazing and customizable design templates, 350 icons, and access to over 500 Google fonts on this apps builder. Furthermore, it cuts and styles your app in to detail without need for coding. It’s ideal for iOS and Android phones and accords you instant feedback with any app alterations. What’s more, users can contribute articles, photos and videos.

5.  AppMachine: With this tool, businesses can build apps free and pay only when they want to publish. Building blocks help you link to online stores, Facebook and Twitter, but all through you have the freedom in terms of styling, colors and much more. The platform ensures you get to Google Play and Apple’s app store. You can get it cheaply with a discount coupon code from SoftwareCoupons.com.

6.  Appy Pie: Another cloud-based app builder for Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It enables instant publishing on respective app stores and allows for push notifications, real-time revision and updates, app monetization and enhanced customer interactions.

7.  ShoutEm: It is billed as the simplest mobile app maker with its drag and drop interface allowing you to add media streaming, photos, news, events places and much more. It offers multiple monetization options, seamless publishing and many customization tools. Updating content real-time is easy and the e-commerce experience makes it ideal for businesses.

8.  BiznessApps: An app creator optimized for any type of business offering myriad features from loyalty programs, shopping carts to push notifications and much more. It has a user-friendly CMS, instant updating, convenient in-app integrations and hundreds of templates.

9.  GameSalad: Primed for gaming on various platforms including iOS, HTML 5, OS X, this drag and drop mobile app builder allows you to build an app with no coding necessary. It has a scene and actor editor, and an active community forum for invaluable input by other designers. In addition, there is a library of behaviors and game elements for you to use. You can even publish your game online for a wider reach.

10.  AppMakr: A free DIY app allowing you to create iOS, Android and even HTML 5 apps for free high quality apps and unlimited updates. It consistently shows your app's App Quality Index (AQI) to enable you improve quality. AppMakr offers features galore from push notifications, customization, full autonomy, live updates, video streaming, chat rooms and much more.

Now that you know the best mobile app builders in the industry, go ahead and exploit them to the fullest.

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