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Highlighting Cisco’s IoT Challenge

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Highlighting Cisco’s IoT Challenge

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Back in October, Cisco hosted the first Internet of Things Innovation Grand Challenge, a competition geared around promoting and rewarding innovators in the emerging IoT field.

Submissions took place between April and July and the winners were announced in October. I wanted to highlight the three finalists below.

Bringing Internet of Things to Children's Toys

Toys have been one of the first, most prevalent markets for developers in IoT. The idea behind Toymail, one of three winners, is to create an interactive, Internet-capable toy that would allow children to speak to their toys and have the toy speak back. The toys would be able to give children new experiences on a daily basis, breathing new life into the way kids play with toys.

waygum.io - the first End-to-End Mobile Platform for IOIT ( Internet of Industrial Things)


Waygum “offers the first end-to-end Mobile-App-Platform”, the first of its kind. Those in the Internet of Industrial Things have been looking for a mobile layer for their platforms, and Waygum offers it.

WunderBar - Internet of Things Starter-Kit for App Developers.

WunderBar is a catch-all Arduino board that can be programmed to do most anything. Developers will be able to develop for IoT with this easy-to-use, sensor-based board.

Cisco is a software company. Surprised? Don’t be. Join DevNet to explore APIs, tools, and techniques that developers are using to add collaboration, IoT, security, network priority, and more!


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