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The Hitchhiker's (In-Progress) Guide to Python!

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The Hitchhiker's (In-Progress) Guide to Python!

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Over at Python-Guide.org, they are compiling The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python: an opinionated collection of best-practices designed for novice and expert Python developers alike.  In it, they intend to cover everything Python-related, including installing and configuring Python, help in deciding which version of Python to use, and even advice for everyday use.  And while the guide is still in the early stages of development (some sections are currently just topic placeholders), there's plenty of valuable advice and information.

Here are some quick highlights:

The Getting Started section provides insight into the differences between Python interpreters, and Python 2.x is the prefered interpreter of Python Guide, because, as they put it, it's the status quo.  As Python 3.x gets more modules ported to it, users will inevitably move on to the "shiny new thing," but regardless of which interpreter you choose, CPython is certainly the implementation of choice for Python Guide, thanks to its compatibility with all versions of the Python language, including Python 3.x  For those looking to get better performance out of their Python code, PyPy is also a viable option.

The Scenario Guide section features advice on tools and modules based on the various scenarios you are likely to encounter, including:

  • Network Apps
  • Web Apps
  • Command Line Apps
  • GUI Apps
  • Databases
  • Systems Administartion

Additional sections of interests include:

Shipping Great Code
Package your code for Python and Linux, and coming soon will be instructions on freezing code for Windows, OSX, and Linux.

Development Environment
Advice on text editors, IDEs, interpreter tools, and even virtual environments like virtualnv.

Final Thoughts

If I've piqued your interest with these quick highlights, be sure to check out the real deal for more in-depth information.  And for the seasoned Python developers out there, Python Guide is looking for help in completing (and improving) their Guide, which is now available on GitHub.

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