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Holiday Reading Links

Some links to check out during your holiday season downtime.

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Learn how you can maximize big data in the cloud with Apache Hadoop. Download this eBook now. Brought to you in partnership with Hortonworks.

Before starting a holiday weekend, I like to have some go to new articles to read while I am waiting for things to complete, you know the holiday waits and long build times.

So here's some really interesting articles from all over, from Redis to Spark Scala to Go Language to Big Data.

The below picture is a rescued baby squirrel I was hand feeding. How is this picture related? To relate it woud require some really good analysis and some heavy processing. Otherwise it's as random a picture as could be.

Image title

Hortonworks DataFlow is an integrated platform that makes data ingestion fast, easy, and secure. Download the white paper now.  Brought to you in partnership with Hortonworks

spark ,scala ,scripts ,shell ,big data ,go language ,angularjs ,redis ,nosql

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