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Holiday Gift Guide: Finding the Perfect Present for the Geeky Girl in Your Life

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Holiday Gift Guide: Finding the Perfect Present for the Geeky Girl in Your Life

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Ready or not, the holidays are here. No matter which holiday you celebrate, every guy faces the same question: What should I get the lady in my life this year?

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what gifts a geeky female would like and I’ve uncovered some awesome items your girl will love.

All of the gifts on this list can be shipped internationally and range from super-nerdy to not-so-nerdy, so you’re sure to find the perfect one. 

1. Easy Macro Cell Lens Band - $15

This easy-to-use camera phone lens takes awesome close-up shots and is a great stocking stuffer. 

2. Star Wars Origami Book - $10

Star Wars AND origami all in one gift! This  book is perfect for the crafty geeky girl.

3. Crystal pendant - $34

Every girl loves a little jewelry, and these quartz pendant necklaces  are perfect - not too nerdy, not too flashy and just a little bit organic.

4. Nexus 7 - $200

When google rolled out this tablet, I’ll admit I was skeptical, but when we got one at the DZone office most of us found it easy to use and just the right size.

5. Two Tone 50/50 Color Pencils Set - $12

I like to sketch and am always on the lookout for a great colored pencil kit , usually they come with way too many pencils and I always seem to lose the colors I use the most. This kit is great because it’s got half the pencils, but still has a ton of colors and comes in a small tin that’s easy to carry. If you get this for your girl, don’t forget to gift her a great sketchbook too.

6. Space Invaders Glasses - $20

Always on the lookout for cute home accessories, the geeky girl will love these space invader etched glasses.

7. Hadoop in Practice - $50

This book has been in the works for months, and its anticipated release has been building up. The DZone Review Team gave it their stamp of approval and so will your developer girlfriend.

8. Cute Backpack to hold her laptop - $59

This backpack has the cutest leather detail and comes in tons of colors and patterns. If your girl is always on the move and carries a ton of stuff in her current bag, this will be perfect for her.

9. Solar System Wall Decal - $70

To add to the home accessories, if your girl is a space geek, she’ll love this complete solar system wall decal . You can pick the color to match your décor and its big enough to cover a full wall. If your girl isn’t into the space stuff, there are plenty of other options.

10. Solar Charger - $70

I’ve been drooling over these solar chargers for a while. I always leave mine plugged in somewhere while I’m on trips and forget to bring a car charger. This kit comes complete with many adapters to fit almost any phone.

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