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HoloLens Event Tour for Developers

Everyone is fascinated by the possibilities of Microsoft's VR technology. Check out what's happening on the developer tour

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Yesterday, I had the privilege of showing HoloLens to developers in Chicago. I was really impressed with the ability of the HoloLens device. These are pre-production devices but they worked really well. If you were wondering if the videos you have seen really work that way – I can tell you they do. The customers, I talked with yesterday, had a lot of great ideas on what they want to use this device for to support their businesses. From training simulators to education tools and of course games.

Yesterday, I played a demonstration game with the HoloLens. It showcased the Windows Holographic Platform and the features it offers. It was really cool and is the start of something that will transform the world in the same way other technologies have. Technologies such as electricity, the gas engine, Television, or cellphones. Reality augmenting holograms have the promise to make this type of change to the world. A change which is surreal when it first launches but then becomes something you don’t know how people lived without.

Here is a video of the game I played on HoloLens yesterday.

And here is a video which showcases some of the ideas behind HoloLens.

There are a few slots still available in Chicago this week for developers who want to go through the demo. This is also traveling around the U.S. so sign up to see if for yourself!

To register for your HoloLens demo
· Go to www.hololensevents.com

To learn more about HoloLens or signup for the SDK 

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