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/home When Moving from Ubuntu to Fedora

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After using Ubuntu (13.10) for like almost one year I decided to move back to Fedora (Fedora 21). This is going to be a short post on my experience on mounting the same /home I used in Ubuntu for Fedora.

I had a separate partition for /home in Ubuntu which I needed to be mounted as the /home in Fedora as well. In anaconda (Fedora installer) I choose to configure the partitions manually. In the manual partitioning window, it listed all the partition I had under Ubuntu (it was smart that it listed them under the label Ubuntu 13.10). I mounted the / of Ubuntu with re-formatting to be the same in Fedora. And for /home, I mounted the same /home in Ubuntu to be the same in Fedora. But /home was listed under both "New Fedora 21 Installation" and "Ubuntu 13.10" as well. I proceeded. During the installation I created the same user ("kalpa") which was there Ubuntu. It took a considerable amount of time for the "User creation" phase of the installation. This is to set the file permission for the new user. Time taken for the process may change based on the number of files that are there in home. The rest of the installation went smooth. And I have no issue with /home up to now using Fedora 21.

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