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Is Honey the future of enterprise social networking?

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Is Honey the future of enterprise social networking?

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Bringing social networking inside the enterprise has become big business over the last few years.  Most major software companies now offer applications in this area.  One company that isn't afraid to mix it with the big boys however is Honey.

They are a new entrant to the social business field, and attempt to provide a more user friendly enterprise networking solution.

Their approach is modeled on the threaded message board approach used by leading sites such as Reddit.

For experienced Reddit users, the Honey interface will be a familiar one.  Users can create threads in whatever categories are relevant to their company.  These threads can contain documents, web links, photos and other types of content that may be of value to colleagues.

The product is designed to be a replacement for the traditional modes of internal communications, such as email and intranets.  The aim is for Honey to become a part of employees daily workflows by offering them the flexibility to use it for the serious and frivolous in equal measure.


"There’s the day-to-day use case of let me check in every day or every few days to see what’s happening across the company, and that builds in this sort of habit," CEO Dan Hou explains. "So when it comes time to look up that obscure document, you can find it, really easily … One doesn’t work without the other."

A major part of encouraging regular use is their email notification system.  This offers a fairly standard method of notifying users when their content has been updated, but also when topics of interest to them are updated.

"Some people only use Honey through email, and that’s totally okay," Hou says. "Some people don’t use it with their email at all … However your workflow works right now, we want to be able to easily capture that and store it here."

The service is currently in beta testing mode, with around 50 companies putting the software through its paces.  Is there enough in the product to compete with the Yammers and Jives of this world?  Time will tell.


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