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Articles on MiniFi, Kibana, ElasticSearch, Kaggle Machine Learning Challenges and more.

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It has been another exciting week on Hortonworks Community Connection HCC. We continue to see great activity and recommend the following assets from last week.

  1. How to pull data from Twitter and push data to Elasticsearch using Apache NiFi. by: myoung

    A short tutorial that walks you through the process of using NiFi to pull data from Twitter and push it to Elasticsearch.

  2. Creating a Kibana dashboard of Twitter data pushed to Elasticsearch with NiFi by: myoung

    Following up from the article above, this walks through the process of creating a dashboard in Kibana using Twitter data that was pushed to Elasticsearch via NiFi.

  3. Let’s try a Kaggle Challenge with HDP ! by: mlanciaux

  4. Apache NiFi Log GeoEnrichment and Routing by: cgambino

    This article details the steps required to enrich and filter logs. It is assumed that the logs are landing one at a time as a stream into the NiFi cluster.

  5. Getting Started with MiNiFi by: apsaltis

    In this article you will learn how to configure MiNiFi to send data to NiFi.

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