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Hortonworks vs. Cloudera: Hadoop-er Than Thou?

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Hortonworks vs. Cloudera: Hadoop-er Than Thou?

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This recent article from Derrick Harris at Gigaom looks at the recent mud-slinging (if you can call it that) going on between Hortonworks and Cloudera. The core of the story is that Cloudera sees itself as an IBM-like purveyor of data products and has publicly dismissed Hortonworks as a competitor, and Hortonworks responded by painting Cloudera as a naive company poised for failure because it doesn't understand Hortonwork's Red Hat-like focus on the core Hadoop product.

It's got to be good news for Hadoop, at least, and it highlights the widespread influence of the open-source Big Data framework. Regarding the mud-slinging, Harris says:

As tiresome as the back-and-forth can get, though, it is kind of fascinating that because Hadoop is really a market unto itself — one based on open source technology, at that — there’s relatively little debate about whose technology is better . . . For the most part, they’re really asking customers to choose one business model (or maybe one support contract) over another.

Check out Harris' full article for the complete story. It's a whole lot of Hadoop-related chest-beating!

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