How to Add a Lightbox Popup to Your WordPress Site For Gathering Emails

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How to Add a Lightbox Popup to Your WordPress Site For Gathering Emails

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While for some folk out there, social media may have taken over all forms of online marketing, the truth remains that emails are, and will continue to remain the de facto best source of bringing in traffic. While you may not even notice a post from your 'Liked' brand on your already piled up Facebook timeline, there is a much lesser probability of ignoring something that gets directly delivered to your inbox. Those in the content marketing business will vouch for it, since more often than not, the seemingly remarkable efforts on social media pour in little returns.

But, drawing parallels between email marketing and social media is not on our agenda in this post. What we intend to put forth is how to fuel up your email marketing endeavor to build a list of potential customers. And this is where building newsletter list comes to fore. The longer is the list of your subscribers, greater are the chances that your conversion rate will increase.

Therefore, for any business owner trying to reach out to a wider customer base via the web, building an email list is very important and indeed the most crucial content marketing activity, and the same goes for business owners running a WordPress website. However, many people argue that email marketing no longer exists, then why should they bother about email creation. Keep in mind that email marketing is still practiced, in fact, it is being used more than ever before. For instance, even niche websites such as Facebook, Linkedin and others asks for your email address. Moreover, if someone subscribe to your email list it means they are interested in using your services.

There are different ways that lets you build an email list. You can create one manually by meeting people individually, or rather build the list using squeeze pages or by asking visitors to fill the subscription forms given on your site. However, one of the most effective ways that could help you gather your visitors' emails effectively is by adding a lightbox popup.

What Exactly is a Lightbox Popup?

In a nutshell, a lightbox popup is a type of option form that appears on a site's web page – when the site gets loaded. The best part about using lightbox popup is that your visitors can choose to sign up to your email or might close the lightbox window to enter into your site. This is something that's not possible with squeeze pages.

Use Sticky Email Opt-in Widget to Build an Email List

Email opt-in widget is a great plugin that helps to gather your visitors’ emails as they navigate throughout your site. It helps in building an email collection popup either on the right at the bottom or the middle of your screen.

In order to use the plugin simply download it from wordpress.org, and then open your WordPress site's dashboard. Go to Add New>>Upload, hit the browse button to look for the downloaded Email opt-in widget plugin and install it. Once your plugin is installed, activate your plugin.

Next, to make the plugin work follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Create an account at addsticky.com

  • Add your website name, password and email address and click on “start free account” button and the following page will open up.

Choose the “Collect Emails” option and hit the “get Started” button, and you will be asked to perform a few steps (that helps to customize the sticky plugin) before you can proceed to embed the plugin code in your WordPress site. After adding the code, return top your site to see the final lightbox popup added to your site, as shown in the screen shot below:


Do you wish to create an email subscribers list for your WordPress site? Then, the best way to do that requires adding a lightbox popup to your web page. Although, there are several other ways to generate an email list, but a lightbox popup is the best alternative compared to other options, as your user can choose to subscribe to your email or instead close the lightbox, in both ways chances are that your visitors will navigate your site, in one way or the other.

About Author: Ben Wilson is a professional WordPress developer for a leading PSD to Wordpress conversion company . He also provides conversion services like HTML to WordPress theme and many more. If you are looking for the afforsaid services feel free to contact him.


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