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How Adopting Emerging SaaS Trends Keep Your Startup Stand Alone

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How Adopting Emerging SaaS Trends Keep Your Startup Stand Alone

Take a look at how growing trends in SaaS development will affect the how enterprises approach cloud computing and how they serve customers.

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SaaS services have grown at a furious pace over the last few years. According to research by Cisco, by 2020, 75% of cloud workloads and computer instances are going to be SaaS-based, compared to 61% in 2016.

Forrester's research has predicted that by 2020, the SaaS industry will be generating more than $130 billion annual revenue, compared to $40 billion in 2016, almost 300% growth.

These data suggest that SaaS companies should tighten their seat belts and get ready for the bigger competition.

Technology evolves, customer expectation change, and so does the SaaS industry.

So in this article, I have listed down the six hottest SaaS trends that will define this industry for the year 2018. Knowledge of this trends will help SaaS businesses to advance considerably and cut through the competition.

1. Mobile First, Everything Else Later

The speed with which mobile technologies is growing is just enormous. It was estimated that in 2016 almost 60% of the population was on the mobile phone. As a result, businesses should now make a leap to a "mobile-first approach" instead of a "mobile-friendly" approach.

We have become addicted to mobile devices — from using Skype to Slack we want to get everything done on our mobile phones. This has pressurized SaaS platform providers to lay more emphasis on mobile technology.

However, one of the challenges that still remain for SaaS is to deliver a mobile experience that is in line with or better than the mobile app. Most of the customer's complaints are that there are a few functionalities that they cannot do on the mobile app that they can do easily on the web app, so the mobile app performance is still questionable. 

Your company’s website is like your face — it is the first thing based on which people will judge your business.

2. Marketing Using SaaS Platform Will Be Taken More Seriously

SaaS companies know that content marketing will help them boost their business by generating organic traffic.

Content marketing is becoming popular because people like to read articles that are comprehensive and provide them the details they were looking for.

In a study by Backlinko, they analyzed 1 million Google searches and found that longer content is ranked better by Google’s algorithms. In fact, longer content get more social shares than short contents.

Videos are also becoming popular, as they draw more attention and bring in more customers. According to a study by Cisco by 2019, video content will comprise 85% of the internet traffic. Videos can be extremely useful when introduced on landing pages as these can increase conversion by 80%.

3. Artificial Intelligence Will Be Everywhere

Artificial Intelligence will make your business stand out from the crowd and will attract a great deal of attention from its customer.

Companies have started using Artificial Intelligence to improve their workflow, introduce boats and autonomous agents, speed up decision making, automates slow and repetitive messages and does a lot more. It is a game-changing technology that will advance a company.

In a survey by Narrative Science, it was found that 80% of the polled business and tech leaders believe that AI improves their employee performance.

As the cost of implementing AI and machine learning is decreasing, more SaaS providers are becoming excited about incorporating it into their products. It is quite obvious as leveraging data and data analysis is a key to SaaS technology.

4. Customer Support Will Be More Important Than Ever

To compete in the race, it is important for companies to interact with their prospects in a human way. Customers today want to engage, learn and be an active part of the journey. If customer satisfaction is the first thing on your mind then make sure that the customers can instantly get ahold of you.

By 2018, customer support will become the highest priority. Customers will no longer fill out a contact form and wait for a company to get back to them. This is where AI will assist you. Instant chat and messaging apps will play a much bigger role in the customer journey.

5. A Leap From SaaS To PaaS

After reaching a certain threshold, the focus of an SaaS provider shifts to customer retention from customer acquisition and one of the best way to do so is to provide a Platform-as-a-Service which will let your customer create add-on apps to their original products.

One such example is Salesforce, which launched a Force.com platform. The box is yet another which has followed the same footsteps. Long story short, a lot of companies are moving from SaaS to PaaS to provide their customers the best service possible along with getting the hold of the market.

6. The Ultimate Rise of Micro-SaaS Businesses

Micro-SaaS businesses are small business usually run by the small team, sometimes even a single person.

These products are the complimentary add-ons which will compensate for a missing feature and will enhance your original SaaS product.

As the market for SaaS mature, we will see many such micro businesses starting and thriving.

Final Thoughts

SaaS platforms have a lot to offer, in fact, more than we can possibly refuse. It is slowly and steadily taking the leadership position in the business world. More and more companies will embark on the SaaS ship which will motivate powerful investors to fund technological innovations.

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