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How Agile Is Solving Business Problems

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How Agile Is Solving Business Problems

In a transparent organization, Agile allows people to own their work and the results that their work helps the team to achieve.

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Thanks to Surya Panditi, General Manager of the Agile Management Business Unit at CA Technologies for taking time to speak to me about the current state of Agile methodologies during CA World '17.

Q: What are the keys for organizations to be successful implementing Agile methodologies today?

A: We like to engage with organizations early and talk about the outcomes they are working to achieve. We identify the key business metrics for success versus having a particular process in place. We work to bring the value stream together with the customer. We strive to promote a culture of transparency. People cannot hide if they are transparent. In a transparent organization, people own their work and the results thereof.

Q: What are the most significant changes you've observed with organizations applying Agile?

A: Organizations used to be focused on methodologies, today they are focused on outcomes. Agile organizations ask, 'are we close to customers,' 'are we driving value?' They have data on what they’ve accomplished and are using it to report and predict with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Q: What are some use cases you like to highlight of companies employing Agile?

A: Brian Thompson at Aetna rolled out a new product when open enrollment started as an answer to an initiative to have a new way to sign up for insurance. They defined the problem, worked on the process, and then created the product which gives Aetna an online presence in multiple states.

Q: What does the future hold for Agile?

A: The business process begins with software development and expands beyond that. Organizations hesitate to go “all in.” We need to overcome the confusion of the toll of adopting an Agile culture versus the outcome.

Q: Do you have any concerns about the current state of Agile?

A: The process should not be the end result, it should be a means to improved business metrics which is always evolving and improving.

Q: What do developers need to keep in mind with regards to Agile?

A: Avoid the trap of looking for tools that make their life comfortable. Understand and solve the bigger requirements of the business. Have visibility and controls across business lines (silos). Across-team visibility and link to the strategy are where you get the funding for projects now and bigger projects in the future.

Q: What is Agile's link to DevOps?

A: Integration of different tools is an important way for consumers to use technology to work faster which is critical as we get more data and consumers have greater demands and expectations.

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