How Analytics and Business Intelligence Strengthen App Development

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How Analytics and Business Intelligence Strengthen App Development

Lots of new technologies now rely on data analysis and business intelligence software. Learn how data analysis and BI can help mobile app developers deal with big data.

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App developers are taking their endeavors to the next level of mobile computing. We're seeing a sea of changes happening in the presentation of content and in the latest technologies for developing mobile apps that consist of plugins that are able to configure with all the current mobile platforms. For example, there are numerous tools in the IDE market that automatically generate web services. No single industry has remained untouched by people whose minds are not preoccupied with data.

Lots of new technologies now rely on data analysis and business intelligence software, which makes them more productive and makes it easier for users and developers alike to achieve all of their desired goals.

Big data appears complicated to sort and refer to in the beginning — but there are tons of analytic tools that are making it easier to analyze and use this big data. 

A lot of data comes from the activities of people surfing the internet on their mobile devices — and this data is essential for businesses that develop mobile apps. Given the right data, analytics and BI can help even a mediocre app to rule the charts.

A survey conducted on business intelligence and analytics suggests that the app market has the ability to be worth $100 billion by 2020 (through both advertisements and purchases made). There are almost three million apps available on the internet, but a little less than half of their developers make about $500 per month from the app. BI and analytics tools that can help raise that number. Using the right type of analytics and data combing tools, developers can greatly improve mobile apps.

Still, businesses in the field of mobile app development and IoT are facing a tremendous amount of challenges when it comes to analyzing the data and making decisions on how to utilize big data.

Some challenges that these developers face are:

  • Segregated BI platforms. Though there is no dearth of the available data to enterprises, the segregation of the data according to its utility is a huge problem.

  • Analysis of sizeable data. Analyzing the data and then categorizing it is an incredibly time-consuming task.

  • Inefficient decisions. Enterprises may be unable to make effective business-related decisions because they don't know how to analyze the big data.

  • Fragmented views. The enterprise may not be able to reach to a common viewpoint, causing divides among employees.

Data analytics and BI provide clients with a great service in categorizing the data and analyzing it for achieving a fruitful decision. These tasks involve critically analyzing the data at hand, integration, and warehousing. This step leads to the final step of assessing the data by using the correct tools and technology and BI optimization services for a better outcome.

Among many other things, some key benefits of data analytics and BI include the following:

  • Profitable BI solution. With the right tools and strategies, analytics and BI offer a profitable solution to fix any given problem.

  • Better decision-making. Analytics and BI help organize scattered data into the right groups, making it easier to utilize to make the right decisions to strengthen the mobile app development process, fix bugs, etc.

Analytics and BI are a great boon when it comes to strengthening mobile app development, as it helps eliminate unnecessary features and helps add more user-friendly features because developers know what customers prefer. BI is a great tool to help developers know what goes on in the minds of the users (especially when there are a lot of users) and to help developers fix bugs, if any, to provide the smoothest possible user experience.

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