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How and Why Mobile Apps Can Help B2B Businesses

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How and Why Mobile Apps Can Help B2B Businesses

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Businesses aren’t going mobile, they already have! Smartphones are popping up everywhere and becoming smarter with the use of the right kind of mobile applications! According to Gartner’s projections, by the year 2014, the mobile space will see a 90% penetration rate and mobiles will become more popular than most other devices when it comes to accessing the web.

going-mobileAccording to another study done by XCube Labs, 91% of mobile workforce relies on a smartphone for work and would be lost without the same. Mobile apps are, therefore, among the best tools to communicate with this mobile empowered market! Email, browsing, accessing apps all of it can be done with the help of the right apps.

The one common thing that these figures and trends indicate is that it has become imperative for B2B businesses to have a mobile marketing strategy in place.

Mobile App Or Website?

A common concern for most business planning to go mobile is whether to invest in a mobile website, an app or both?

If budget is a huge constraint, then it makes sense to develop a mobile website only. However, if you want to offer a specific functionality to your target market and use the app to propel your marketing, you must invest in a mobile app as well.

Ideally, any business hoping to beat the competition should invest in both!

Key Benefits Of Mobile App Development For B2Bs

Reach out and reach in

With mobile apps, you can reach out to other businesses and reach into their needs in a real time, interactive and interesting manner. Business professionals are usually focused on reducing the time they spend on searching for information and improving their efficiency. If you give them an app that fulfils these two needs, you stand a good chance of winning their love.

What’s more, apps have the potential to increase your reach and access new markets! There’s not shortage of app success stories that illustrate the marketing potential of apps that go viral!

Endless creativity

Imagine being able to hook your target market with a beautifully conceptualised and created digital magazine. Now imagine the power that this magazine will have when it is accessed via the mobile phone. You can add clickable phone numbers, instant access maps and even add online ordering call to actions!

Driving more conversions is the mantra that B2B marketers live by and such a digital catalogue will do just that. In fact by using mobile short codes, you can start interacting with a wider audience.

The whole kit and caboodle

Mobile apps are the perfect way to create an entire story for your brand. By creating useful mobile apps, you can engage the entire ecosystem of services such as delivering content, displaying promotional offers, creating perfectly tailored advertising campaigns and offering loyalty rewards too.

You can also integrate mobile apps to include social networking sites, traffic to your website and even search engine results to enjoy a holistic relationship with your business targets.

Businesses, whether B2B or B2C need to be present where their customers are. Since, mobiles are where the action is, not joining in can put you out of the game!

The post is written by Vishal Gumber from Appsquare—One of Australia’s prominent mobile app development companies.


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