How (and Why) to Build Your Own DevSecOps Team

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How (and Why) to Build Your Own DevSecOps Team

If your current team seems to be dwindling, it might be a good idea to start building your DevSecOps team from scratch.

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You know things are bad when everyone is quitting. However, tools can't solve a people problem. The larger part of a solution is finding talent, training them, and developing a DevSecOps culture — fast.

How to Build a DevSecOps Team

Here are some steps to solve this daunting problem.

  1. Hire attitude and aptitude over skill and experience
  2. Be a coach and mentor; not a boss
  3. Pay attention to the newbies — guide them to ownership of things they’re interested in (ideally something no one else is interested in)
  4. Teach everyone to experiment
  5. Reward success and failure, both equally and publicly, as part of a blame-free culture
  6. Listen to and respect the inexperienced, because remarkably creative solutions come from those who don’t know what shouldn’t be possible
  7. Take pride in, and celebrate, the team’s accomplishments
  8. WIN TOGETHER! A manager’s success should be entirely dependent on the success of members of their team

Why Build Your Own DevSecOps Team

Building your own DevSecOps team from scratch could be the ideal situation. Here are some reasons:

  1. It works — you can find people of any age willing to learn, and willing to be mentored
  2. It is cheaper — less experienced people take more time to train but are easier on the budget
  3. It is more rewarding — nurturing new talent deepens your own knowledge
  4. It builds a stronger workforce — by definition, it is more collaborative and trusting
  5. It contributes to a cultural shift — by definition, it empowers contributors and fosters fast growth

Building a Community: The Biggest Win

Establishing a local talent base is crucial. Yes, it serves as a potential hiring pipeline, but it also ensures a vibrant DevSecOps community ready for the next big challenge.

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