How Android App Development Capabilities With AR Boost Your Business in 2019 and Beyond

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How Android App Development Capabilities With AR Boost Your Business in 2019 and Beyond

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2025 is the year where AR is estimated to be crucial in the business world. In this era of modern technology’s development, businesses must focus on implementing AR technology itself, as it is expected to expand up to $150 billion by 2020, according to Digi-Capital fundamental.

Augmented reality is the next big technology that delivers 3D high definition audio and video experience to its users. This technology uses markers and sensors to overlay digital environment in the real world that enable users with more intensely and vividly experiences.

Importance of Augmented Reality in App Development

Popular for playing with the existing environment, augmented reality android applications found in various fields like entertainment, education, manufacturing, transport, retail, banking, and so on. Android app developers are using this technology to develop high-end AR application for their corporate clients. The best example of AR application development is Pokémon Go.

Nowadays, AR technology is popular among every business, as every business wants to engage with their customers to develop a long-lasting relationship. There are many future-oriented enterprises searching for innovative ways to make their products/services outstanding than their competitors. Being an early adopter of the latest technology can help business to reach out their customers faster than their competitors.

Last year, Boeing, one of the leading aviation manufacturing companies, cut down their error possibilities by leveraging AR technology. As installing electrical wiring on an aircraft is quite a difficult task, and thus, they have adopted augmented reality to provide real-time, interactive 3D wiring diagrams and designs to technicians at Boeing.

Android App Development Capabilities With AR

Facial Feature Recognition

Facial recognition enables businesses to attract a wider customer base. It allows them to choose the best-suited product from the collection within the least time and effort.

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Facial recognition delivers a positive experience to the customers by providing them with a fully immersive experience through 3D augmentation of products on their face. Ultimately, it helps business to increase sales by attracting more potential customers with AR face feature tracking app.

Object Overlay

Object Overlay feature provides a real-time holistic view of your product or machine through an immersive presentation. Whether a business wants to share information on the latest promotional activities of a brand or machine maintenance and repair, Object Overlay AR feature helps them by scanning a certain object to display engaging digital content.

Print Marker Detection (Marker-Based)

Print Marker Detection enables to scan targeted images available on hoardings, product brochures, newspaper ads, and so on through AR apps. This feature helps business to enhance brand awareness among their customers that ultimately help them to make a better buying decision and thus, it increases the sales.

Location Tracking

With location tracking, businesses can expand customer outreach and develop better business opportunity through location-based AR apps. This feature helps businesses to boost customer engagement and customer retention by sending customers relevant notification related to discounts and offers when they are nearby to the store.

In addition, location tracking lets people to explore the new city through a virtual tour guide using geospatial data. It also allows users to explore new stores, places, national parks, etc. using AR GPS apps. 

Plane Tracking (Markerless AR)

Plane tracking allows business to deliver an immersive and interactive demonstration of processes/ products demonstrations.

In fact, businesses can streamline the interaction between brands and customers through plane tracking and ultimately, it helps them to increase sales. The best examples of plane tracking are Pokémon Go and Apple's ARKit.

In a Nutshell

It’s fair to mention that AR is the future of Android app development, as many businesses want to integrate this emerging technology to expand their business at a fast pace. As the future of this technology remains wide open, many top Android app development companies integrate the AR-based features in the business apps.

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