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How Applications of Big Data Play a Vital Role in Industries

Big Data is playing a major role in several industries. Check out the multitude of Big Data applications that abound.

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Big Data is transitioning from the tag of an “over-hyped buzzword” to finding real value in its implementation across industries. Efforts to gauge the viability of Big Data in respective Industry sectors are now visible. If Gartner’s report is to be believed, a significant rise in spending will be seen in 2 years’ time. Statistics put the numbers to $6Mn from $2-$5 Mn.

The goals of organizations have also evolved into visualizing Big Data into the larger scheme of things. With the spike in allocated budgets and inclusion, the participation of Big Data to apply itself into industry verticals is also rising. Implementation of Big Data has indeed brought results and the applications of big data have also evolved with time.

This infographic presents how applications of Big Data are driving Industries and bringing innovative practices of growth in respective industries. Big Data provides solutions to overcome challenges faced by Industries who’ve ventured into the field. The infographic details challenges faced in 10 different Industries and how certain practices are being revolutionaized because of Big Data.

How applocations of big data drive industries

Source: http://www.simplilearn.com/big-data-applications-in-industries-article

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