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How are You Using MongoDB with Java?

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How are You Using MongoDB with Java?

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Learn how to create flexible schemas in a relational database using SQL for JSON.

So, like one of my presentations, I have a question for you.  Actually, I have more than one question for you.  I'm not going to bother with survey monkey or whatever, I want to share the answers so please, answers in the comments:

  1. Are you using the Java driver for MongoDB in your application?
  2. Are you using the Java driver directly, or are you using a third party library like Morphia, Spring Data, the Scala driver, your own abstraction layer, etc?
  3. If you're using a third party library, why did you choose that over using the Java driver directly?
  4. If you're using the Java driver directly, what do you like about it? 
  5. If you're using the Java driver directly, are there any areas that give you pain?  Areas for improvement?
  6. Which version of Java are you using?
Feel free to leave additional information if you have it.  And this is a public blog, so if you're really mean I'll just delete your comment.  So there.

Create flexible schemas using dynamic columns for semi-structured data. Learn how.


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