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How AI Impacts UX Design

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How AI Impacts UX Design

Let's take a look at how artificial intelligence can impact user experience design and what the future holds for both.

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The way AI gathers knowledge and learns is similar to the user experience. AI interprets the data and predicts the human behavior and so does the UX. It also understands human behavior to analyze the next action by the individual. In recent times, AI has begun to extensively enhance the way users interact with a device.

For example, Amazon’s Alexa, Siri, and self-driving cars are a few examples where AI has proven its worth in adding advanced features to interact with the machines. Also, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk allows developers to build human intelligence into their applications. Another example where AI is playing a significant role is Google’s Captcha, to minimize the bots intervention.

AI is taking a step ahead and paving the path for the UX to enhance the quality of services and products. AI along with predictive analytics is aiming to find what a user needs or how a user acts in a situation.

How Is AI Impacting the User Experience?

Recently, there have been many updates in the market where AI has played a significant role. For example, Google Translate uses AI for enhancing the delicate linguistic nuances. With this advancement, the produced result of translations is accurately precise.

Furthermore, this technology has proven to be a breakthrough for the language barriers. As combining the power of Google translation with the hardware, we get Google’s Pixel Bud headphones. The technology is going to translate the words and feed directly into the ears directly. The world and its people come closer as they can communicate freely without any language barriers. AI is currently being deployed into many digital designing to enhance the user experience.

AI Impact UX Designing

Examples of How AI Impacts UX Design


Chatbots have been present since 2013, but now with the help of the AI, chatbots have become more sophisticated than ever before. Using AI, chatbots have become more intelligent in dealing with complicated tasks. Rather than using scripted dialogues to answer back to users, chatbots can answer users’ queries in real-time.


Now user can quickly design their website with minimal or without any knowledge of coding with help of TheGrid.io. By collaboration of Molly and TheGrid, users, with no sense of coding, can now quickly build their website with high optimization and great design as AI is being incorporated in the web builder.

AI Impact UX Designing thegrid.io

What AI Holds For the Future of UX Design

In the recent times, the big fishes of the IT industries like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have unlocked various potentials of the AI. They are innovating AI on a faster pace and also enhancing the user experiences.

Soon, we are going to see a new age of interface, i.e., no interface. According to the author, Golden Krishna, a designer at Google, wrote in his book The Best Interface Is No Interface that soon we will be witnessing a new interface that is “no interface.” Eliminating physical screens will solve the problem of distraction from the usual work of the user. Thus, with the help of AI, researchers are working to develop no interface technology. Screen-less innovation will provide users with secure and dematerialized products.

AI Impact UX Designing interface is no interface golden

People considerably recognize and accept the value of AI in the UX sector. The gradual increase in the number of users of AI shows that in the coming years, businesses will use AI for enhancing brand experience.

UX designers will get some relief from the high level of data analysis where data comes in large chunks of information. AI can help UX designers or experts cut down the analysis time as they accumulate and assimilate data quickly and more efficiently.

Going deep and exploring the potential of AI, we can assure that AI has the power to create an advance personalized messaging system — "audience of one." An entirely personalized messaging system which learns from the previous activities and preferences of the user. In the future, the user will expect to get only personalized messages according to their interests and problems.

Also, Google’s Feature snippet is a successful example of AI impacting user experience. A piece of information is selected by the algorithm and displayed on the top of the page. Hence, increasing the user experience and also benefiting the businesses to increase the engagement rates and sales.

AI Impact UX Designing google featured snippet

Thus, it becomes essential for businesses to design the content structure in a way that it gets selected for the featured content. Furthermore, it is crucial that app development companies pay extra attention to designing of the product by using the latest emerging technologies. Because your audience should like your product and services.

Will AI Take Away UX Designers' Jobs?

The answer to this question is a straight NO. The reason is as simple as the answer; AI is still far from the perfection stage. Although, AI is capable enough to provide personalized solutions but can’t offer customer service, which is preferred by the consumers. Machines can learn from experience, but still, they are incapable of thinking on their own. The evolution of AI is to help and assists people with their tasks to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, AI is in the learning stage. It is inefficient to handle the complex tasks; thus, they still can’t replace the human UX designers. However, AI is helping UX designers by saving their time and efforts, assisting them in managing customer service, and many more.

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For example, Netflix uses the power of AI for content localization. For banner placement in different languages, designers use a specific layout that is already designed by robots.

Also, Airbnb is using AI for real-time conversion of paper sketches into codes.

AI Impact UX Designing airbnb

“The time required to test an idea should be zero. We believe that, within the next few years, emerging technology will allow teams to design new products in an expressive and intuitive way. While simultaneously eliminating hurdles from the product development process.” — Benjamin Wilkins, Airbnb


AI can empower user experience in the future as it holds tremendous potential in it. It is the right time for the UX design service providers to explore the hidden potentials of AI.

From the above article, we can depict that AI and UX together have limitless opportunities and potential to impress users. Thus, it is the responsibilities of the businesses and innovative minds to use AI to enhance the technologies and user experience capabilities.

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