How Augmented Reality Will Impact Businesses in 2018

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How Augmented Reality Will Impact Businesses in 2018

Augmented reality is finding its place across a variety of industries, including marketing and entertainment. Click here to learn more about AR and the future of business.

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How Augmented Reality Will Impact Businesses In 2018?

Augmented reality is a huge buzzword these days. Businesses have shifted their major concerns to this technology, and developers are now having access to some powerful frameworks in order to create AR apps. This is because augmented reality has a high potential for business growth.

Augmented reality has prevailed in various business domains, including traveling, gaming, media and entertainment, marketing, and education. As a whole, this technology provides ample opportunities for new, innovative, and existing businesses.

According to Statista, augmented reality is expected to acquire 1 billion users by 2020. Worldwide shipment of smart augmented reality glasses is forecast to reach around 5.4 million units by 2020. The global augmented reality market is expected to grow significantly to about 90 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

According to the same source, revenue from augmented reality is projected to be three times as high as that of VR by 2020. In 2022, AR hardware device shipments are projected to reach an estimated 68.9 million units — in comparison to 45.6 million VR hardware devices.

According to Statista, gaming is one the most benefited industries from augmented reality. Games like PokemonGo have proved the potential of augmented reality quite clearly. By 2025, the worldwide user base of AR and VR games is expected to grow to 216 million users and will be worth 11.6 billion U.S. dollars.

In this blog, we will discuss how augmented reality is going to impact businesses in 2018. Some of the major ways are given below:

1) Future of Marketing

Augmented reality is recognized as a creative and innovative way to connect with the general audience and customers. It is expected that various advertising companies will take advantage of the various possibilities in augmented reality to improve the way they communicate with customers. For example, with AR, it allows the creation of a three-dimensional thinking where users not only see ads ahead of them, but they also see ads around them, i.e. their peripheral vision. In fact, AR allows detailed advertisements due to its higher resolution. Hence, it is going to strongly influence the future of marketing in 2018.

2) Maximum Users

A huge number of online users have adopted augmented reality today. The stats show a significant increase in the number of augmented reality shipments over the years. In addition, from the number of Pokémon Go users, a game based on augmented reality innovation, it is clearly evident where the reach of this technology is going. As a result, the higher number of users, the more business growth that will occur in 2018.

3) Apple AR Kit

With the launch of the Apple AR Kit, Apple bets on the future of augmented reality, saying that will surely impact businesses in 2018. The AR kit was presented at the Apple developer’s conference in the month of June in 2017. It allows app developers to work on AR applications to integrate digital experiences in the physical business world. The applications will work perfectly with iOS 11, which will be released along with the iPhone X, Apple’s latest flagship smartphone. This led many businesses to opt out for augmented reality app development in 2018.

4) Social Media Platforms

A number of social media platforms are going to incorporate augmented reality into their platforms. In fact, Facebook is actually working on AR smart glasses in order to take advantage of the power of augmented reality in its platform. Moreover, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has referred to augmented reality as the next computing platform. This is clearly indicating that augmented reality will greatly impact a huge number of businesses in the coming years.

5) Augmented Reality Apps

Since the latest technological advancements are directly bringing innovation to applications for interactive experiences, how does augmented reality can stand behind it? This is the reason we are having a number of apps around us being integrated with AR capabilities. Some of the major and most interesting AR apps are mentioned below:

 Gadget Flow

This app aims to lessen the unfortunate effect of not really knowing what you’re getting in the online shopping until it will get delivered to you at your doorstep. It will give an AR-fueled first glimpse of the product you buy at the latest tech products on the market. It is available on both Google Play and iTunes.


Eyemaps can provide you some secret agent-style intel on your surroundings since it integrates AR with your device’s camera in order to determine your location and also list geographical facts about your surroundings. Moreover, it creates a 3D rendition of locations along with displaying the names of rivers, mountains, historic landmarks, and more.


Housecraft is useful for your interior design project. You just need to scan the room or the backyard with your phone’s camera, and then use this app’s database for plants, objects, furniture and home décor items in order to design your home and make your dreams come true.

Euclidean Lands

The Euclidean Lands app is useful in creating 3D interactive, multi-sided castles with puzzles and mindful challenges. It has over 40 levels to solve. Players can easily rotate and maneuver through the six-sided castles by either rotating planes or be shifting their perspective.


So, we have seen the important ways that augmented reality will impact businesses in 2018. It certainly has the ability to change the future as we know it. From marketing and social networks to games, it has made great strides in modern technology. Moreover, with startups and technological giants that take initiatives to use this technology, we can infer that the future of augmented reality is lucrative and bright for web and mobile app development.

The augmented reality applications listed above are undoubtedly making a name in the world of technology. As time passes, surely there will be many more that will benefit businesses. 

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